Corporate Facilitaiton

Back9 has been facilitating Premium Credit Card golf programs on behalf of regional and international banks since 2018. With our vast experience in this area, we are always modernising and improving the user experience for premium card holders, so they can access their benefits effortlessly. Our long standing relationship with the majority of golf courses in the UAE allows us to connect card holders to book golf via our mobile application.

Premium Credit Card bookings are made through the mobile application that has been developed by Back9. is an aggregated booking platform that allows users to create their own profile and digital wallet. When the card holder uploads the relevant Premium Card to their wallet, this automatically activates their participation in the bank’s benefit program. Users are then provided real time access to available tee time inventory, so they can easily book tee times that suit their schedules.

Once the card holders account is setup and their program privileges are activated, they can book AED 0 golf at the participating facilities within the bank’s benefit program. Once a card holder has utilised their allocation at a Golf Club that month, or year, they can then book additional rounds at a preferred guest rate, providing added benefits and increasing overall spend on the relevant credit card.

back9 courts and pitches management


Once you’ve downloaded the app and created your account, click on Premium Golf Program button under the Specials section to upload the relevant Credit Card.


Add your Premium Credit Card by clicking the ‘Upload your Card ‘button on the screen.


  1. Enter your credit card details and click the ‘Submit’ details button at the bottom of the screen.


The Premium Credit Card has now been uploaded and the technology allows you to start booking complimentary and discounted rounds of golf.

Brokerage & Consultancy

Back9 has a long standing relationship with the majority of golf courses in the UAE and can assist corporate organisations in negotiating green fee rates and booking terms for their golf programs. Back9 understands the rate mechanisms in place at these facilities to negotiate the best value possible for the corporate partner.

A key advantage of Back9’s Premium Card program for card holders is the 7 day booking window and having no restriction on the tee time access. This was a key negotiating point that has proven to be a major driver of the programs success as it increases the likelihood of finding a tee time that suits the golfer.

An advantage for the bank is that Back9 technology only allows the relevant card to be used when availing any benefit. For example, when a cardholder pays for their guest or is playing an additional discounted round.

Reduce Manual Administration

Card holders are able to manage their own booking via the app, saving reconciliation time for the bank and golf courses alike.

Increase Uptake of the Benefits Program

More card holders will be encouraged to use their benefits when they are informed of the ease of booking via the SpikesOn.

Increased Reach

Back9 can connect users with its golf club partners to use premium card benefits but also allows these users to book additional rounds at their leisure through the app.

Corporate Facilitation Case Studies

Back9 has connected banks with golf clubs to create successful golf programmes for card holders across the Middle East. Read out case studies below to learn more.