The Admin System

Introducing Adminium

Manage all Back9 technology from one login

Confirm and control online platforms

Create rates and discount schedules

Target our corporate partners

Manage your bookings and revenue

Provide useful analytics and reporting

An Integrated Solution

Golf Booking

Increase tee time revenue using our ‘Partners & Platforms'

Multiple mobile application

Multiple websites

Back9 account to find lower rates

Integrated with largest booking engines

Tee Time Management options

The User Experience


Our Software is built to give golfers and clubs, innovative functionality from simple user interfaces

Automating Golf

Digital Membership

Creating a smarter golf experience for everyone

A smart privilege-based customer profile

Location based features

Targetted data driven promotions

Automation of the member experience

Connecting your site

Website Options

A 'Book Now' web button can synchronize our tech with your web page

A clean quick upgrade

Connect Back9 logic to your existing site

Safe, secure technology

Fully designed web options available

Software as a Service

Licensed Solution

Back9 software is designed for easy accessibility and we are always there to assist


We assist your team to get the most out of our technology.


Data is backed up every hour and our team are on call to avoid any unecessary downtime.


We continually develop our products and platforms to keep our partners at the forefront of the 'technology curve'.