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Visa Golf Access

Attract Premium Cardholders

  • Discounts promoted to 9 million customers
  • Club listed on VISA web & Explore app
  • Club listed on SpikesOn.com web & app
  • Golfers pay directly at the golf club
  • Statistics provided in Back9 Adminium

$ Free

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Online Booking

Tee times on websites & apps

  • Provide a min. of 4 times on weekdays
  • Access all B9 partnerships and platforms
  • A 'commission only' fee structure
  • Email and B9 Admin booking notifications
  • Stripe 'Connect' payout every 7 days
  • Or Back9 payout every 14 days

$ Free

*Includes all VGA options Contact Sales


A seamless technology experience

  • Connect to your major booking engine
  • Member booking on all Back9 Platforms
  • Yield Management capabilities
  • Connect to handicap software
  • Golf lesson booking options

$ 150

*Includes all digital booking options Contact Sales


Enjoy all our software

  • Automatic digital check-in
  • Range Passes and retail options
  • Reward and loyalty options
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Access to all new technology

$ 250

*Includes all digital booking options Contact Sales


Your Golf Club's own app

  • Club fonts, colors and logos
  • An additional platform for communication
  • Perfect for private member clubs
  • Receive all Back9 technology
  • Utilise all applicable B9 platforms

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*No free trial period Contact Sales