Back9 has developed a suite of technology to manage key operations for events effectively. The Back9 technology has the flexibility to cover the needs of almost any type of event, whether it be a sporting festival, concert or corporate conference. The solution, and its incorporated modules, cater for the attendee, event operator and partners to increase engagement, deliver efficiencies and provide greater insights into the event ecosystem.


A cornerstone of the Back9 event solution is the ticketing module which can handle any manner of event configurations from single-day entry ticketing through to multi-day events, including reserved seating capabilities. The smart Back9 technology is built on a rules-based infrastructure that allows entry control depending on the day, time, ticket type and location. This ensures the solution has the flexibility to cater for all events. There are also a number of ticket delivery options from traditional PDF files as an email attachments through to a completely digital delivery via the event mobile application.

Event Application

Back9 has the ability to develop an event application specific to your event. Aimed at increasing attendee engagement, the application can include:

  • Digital Ticketing
  • Entertainment / Event Schedule
  • News posts
  • Push notifications
  • Digital payments
  • Scoring (sports events)
  • Merchandise sales
  • F&B sales

The event application is also a key driver of data and learning more about your event, attendees and interactions.


An often overlooked or outsourced component of an event is F&B order processing and fulfillment. Back9 has developed an Android based softPOS application that can be used across an entire event. The softPOS technology and the Admin Portal it is powered by, allows merchant and outlet specific products to be configured to provide a bespoke inventory for each vendor. When activated in conjunction with the Event Application the softPOS solution can transform into a ‘click and collect’ style ordering and fulfillment solution which will reduce wait times for attendees and increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Credit module can be activated which allows attendees to pre-buy credit that can be used to digitally transact at the event.

Event Admin Portal

The Back9 event products are powered by fully featured Admin Portals which give event administrators full control over what attendees see and when they see it. The Admin Portals allow admins to configure and manage:

  • Tickets
  • Schedules
  • News
  • Push Notifications
  • softPOS products
  • Analytics and reports
  • Audit trails

Case Study: 2021 Emirates Dubai 7s

Back9 was entrusted by the Emirates Dubai 7s to deliver a ticketing platform and event application to increase engagement of fans and take the first steps in delivering a fully digitized event. Some of the key statistics from the event include:


Ticket Passes

2 million+

App Interactions


Digital Payments


Tickets Scanned in an hour

Event Case Studies

Back9 has worked with event operators to create event applications and ticketing platforms that enhance the attendee’s event experience digitally. This technology is made specific to the event and works to increase attendee engagement. Read about our successful event technology.